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down in the dumps

Not doing at all well today, still no sign of any real improvement in the pneumonia, will be mid way through the course by tomorrow, so had expected a bit more effect by now. On the other hand it hasn’t got any worse, although still has the crackly space dust effect – which is really disconcerting, listening to someone’s lungs crackle

He slept really badly last night, not through coughing, just generally , took ages to get to sleep , then awake at 3.30am, then took a couple of hours to get back to sleep , then very fitful through to around 8.00 am.

I think it is really starting to wear him down, I know he is now thinking maybe it isn’t an infection, maybe it is the meso. Or maybe it is an infection that just won’t respond to treatment and I’ll go downhill really quickly anyway, or maybe its viral and it will just slowly waste me away…. Can tell this is now getting frightening, so no wonder he finds it difficult to sleep.

If no improvement by the weekend, will go and see the GP, although not too sure what they can do other than change the antibiotic. At the moment he isn’t that breathless, talking really brings on a coughing fit though.

Not feeling as though I am much use at the moment other than offering nightly prayers that the infection starts to show some signs of improvement, even something very small would be a help – a really good result would be if the crackles were to stop !! because that is scary.