memories of space dust

Not a great day yesterday as the pneumonia didn’t seem to be responding to treatment, the coughing was truly dreadful and we did start to worry he would need to go into hospital. He was also getting very worked up that this was it and it would now be all downhill. The fluid on the lung form the infection, did give a really strange side effect, when breathing out , it sounded as though his mouth was full of popping and cracking- rather like taking space dust.

Would have been really scary, but at least we know what was causing it, apparently crackles is a well known symptom of severe pneumonia. After a worrying day, today has been a little better- the crackling is less noticeable and he feels less breathless, so we are hoping the antibiotics have started to kick in and will be further improvement over the next few days. It doesn’t take much to make us feel more hopeful ( work on very low thresholds these days) so here’s looking to a better end to the week.


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