Recovering from pneumonia

Three days into the antibiotics and slight change in that the cough appears to be improving. Although he is still wafting around  the house like a Victorian maiden with consumption, pointing out how he needs lots of rest and cups of tea ! As well as pointing out that George Michael is in hospital with his pneumonia – and he hasn’t had lung surgery!

Did drag him out for a short walk along the high street yesterday to take advantage of the sunshine, though it was very windy. Bit limited on going anywhere, with  bouts of hacking coughs. This also makes him very sore around his lungs and diaphragm, so although the painkillers are working in general, this is leaving him a bit washed out as his sleeping isn’t too great.

Sporty day yesterday , watching not playing, with the grand-prix and then the tennis. For dinner I made chicken in a mushroom sauce, with mash and savoy cabbage and carrots with butter and nutmeg. My cooking has definitely come a long way over the year , although the kitchen still looks like a bomb has hit it afterwards.

Loads to do in the house as it is looking a bit messy ( even by my standards) plus a busy three days due at work, then before you know it we are planning when to put up the Xmas tree, bought the christmas cards yesterday, so it is beginning to feel a little bit christmassy.

Devastating news about the young Wales manager Gary Speed, it seems crazy to read about this when so many meso warriers are trying so hard to stay alive, his family must be distraught.


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