PET scans and inconclusive results

We did the usual walk from the tube station to Bart’s with a heavy tread, rather sadly our favourite garden was all cordoned off , all the open spaces near St Paul’s have been cordoned off because of the protestors. A bit of me did think , whatever you may think of political persuasions, if they had turned that lovely garden which has given us so much pleasure and comfort was turned into a campsite, I would have gone round and ripped up all the tents myself.

We got in and amazingly , only waited 20 mins, to be greeted with the words, the new scan shows definite progression. ….

Scan called up on the screen, which we all peered round, it looked very scary, lots of new sites, loads in the lung etc. Then Ray started coughing violently,which has been going on the last week. At which point we got lots of questions from the doctor, to cut a long story short, it appears that he now has pneumonia! Which totally interferes with the PET scan as any bacterial activity will also show up as a hot spot- only in meso world could pneumonia sound positive!

So totally inconclusive results, two week course of anti-biotics and new scan in January.


4 responses to “PET scans and inconclusive results

  1. Amanda, I know it sounds bizarre, but what a relief to know that Ray’s cough was caused by pneumonia. At least that’s treatable! As the antibiotics kick in, he will feel much better so put the next scan to the back of your minds as far as possible and enjoy the festive season 🙂

    Linda and Steve xx

  2. Oh Amanda what a big fright for you both but I have to agree with Linda that it is a relief really and I to hope the results are good when the infection clears up.
    Love mavis

  3. Hi Amanda hope the antibiotics kick in soon – bet you couldnt believe it speak soon hopefully and keep on with the Blog
    kindest regards to you both

  4. Thank God Ray coughed. Once we have meso seems that anything in the lung is instantly thought of as the same. Fingers crossed the tablets work and then the next scan is stable.

    No heavy heart walking away, a good spring in the step.
    Jan x

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