r2D2 and a light show

PET scan completed yesterday at Barts, as part of our consumer research, thought we would compare to St Thomas’s , the previous location for scans. The good news is just as efficient and really nice people. Slightly different in that slightly bigger, so the resting area was more ward like, also rather than an individual on hand to administer the radioactive bit, there was a machine called R2D2 which was set up to administer everything on a timed basis.

During the scan itself , you have to keep totally still, Ray says he just keeps his eyes shut and tries to relax. This time however, even with his eyes shut , he was aware of a a light show going on above him, with lights zoning through different colours, in a strangely relaxing way.

So looks as though Barts wins in the chill out zone category – although Tommy’s goes ahead on the personal contact. Results and report due at our Friday afternoon appointment, so fingers crossed and let’s hope for no further progression and a chance to enjoy Christmas.


2 responses to “r2D2 and a light show

  1. Hope the results are good–I have never had a PET Scan they say they are the best though as you see all the hot spots as well
    Good Luck xx mavis

  2. Good luck for the results. Am so pleased Ray is well on the way to clearing this virus, sounds like it has taken the stuffing out of him. I’m sure all will be well and you both can enjoy Christmas.
    Wish I had been able to get tomotherapy after the op, it could have stopped the microscopic cells from growing – we live and learn!

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