Full of a cold

I hope that this isn’t a harbinger of the rest of the year. After the flu jab reaction and nosebleeds, he now has a really bad cold , with blocked nose, sore throat and general run down feeling.

Must admit seem to have been a few people around with it , feeling a bit under the weather myself, but of course whenever he gets anything like this his general health deteriorate so much more. This means he has also lost weight, he actually lost about 2 kilos the weekend of the flu jab – straight across to me unfortunately. He managed to regain a kilo during the week but has now lost this again.

This of course makes you wonder is something worse is going on, then again if ate the same as him this week I would have lost weight as well. For lunch while I was at work , he had an apple!! I feel such a nag and so insulting when I keep asking what he has had to eat, understand how parents of anorexics must feel, it is as though you are on constant alert.

He mentioned today how fed up he was of feeling ill , these last two weeks have got us down. We could really do with a stable scan result to give us both a boost, not doing too well at the moment with the P part of PETAL, in fact not doing well with the E or T bits either.

Scan is now on Tuesday , with the appointment for the results on Friday , so well into the anxious countdown week .

Hopefully a better night sleep will improve matters, have given up wishing for him to have a good nights sleep, as these simply don’t happen anymore, so we will take what we can get.


One response to “Full of a cold

  1. Will be thinking of you both on Tuesday and keeping everything crossed that the results bring good news


    Linda and Steve xx

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