A walk around Wimbledon

Went out looking for wombles yesterday. We met up with friends for coffee in Wimbledon village, which is really lovely, could definitely live there, unfortunately so could a lot of other people so property prices are frightening ( even more than halloween). It has nice shops, good restaurants and some lovely pubs. It also has two riding stables as they take advantage of having both Wimbledon common and Richmond Park within accessible distance.

After coffee, we went for a long walk around the common, the area through the trees was lovely with all the autumn colours. Strangely although his cough was bad this morning, walking definitely helps.

It also helps with the pain, apparently, the pain is inflammatory in nature, so it improves with gentle exercise. Unfortunately it is also typical for it to get worse at night , which is why sleeping can be an issue. The common itself was a great place to village, although a lot of it does seem to be gold courses. This can mean that you end up walking along rat runs between  sections of the private course, which is a bit annoying. GIven that in all all crisscrossing through these runs, on a glorious Autumn day we only saw two golfers, does make you feel as though there is one common for the rich and one for the masses.

We emerged at the side of the common and passed some  amazing houses ( no doubt all non-playing members of the golf club) . Stopped off for a quick drink at a pub  “The Hand in Hand” than back to the car and home.

Never did ing anything special to do on Halloween, just went to some places on the local high street which had made an effort with all the decorations. Whilst the pain remains under control, he is hoping to get out sailing this week with his dad, then depending on next scan, he is going to look at starting some sort of project, to give him something else to focus on and hopefully earn some cash. At the moment , though no plans beyond the next four

Wimbledon Common, Windmill

Image via Wikipedia

weeks and scan 3 on the 26th NOvember



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