another sunny day

Looking out at a beautiful Autumn, my next door neighbour but one, has cut down a large tree in their garden. Overall think its a shame as was a lovely tree, but it was close to the houses.  Also means my garden becomes a bit more overlooked, but on the plus side it also becomes quite a bit lighter. Am inspired to go and but some bulbs for next Spring.

Have been putting this off as wanted to get results of next scan at end of November, but that would leave it a bit late.

His cough has returned with a vengence, it is even making him breathless at the moment, which is a bit worrying. He is also more tired. Having worried about him not sleeping well, he is now sleeping far more than usual, so am worrying about that. It’s like living with Goldilocks, too hot, too cold ,too much sleep, too little….

Last weekend we managed to get out and walk along Basinstoke canal. The area formed a loop around a private estate, so unusually for a canal walk, you could walk along one side, then across Dogmersfield Park, and pick up the canal on the other part of the loop, so you never doubled back on your walk.

There was the most fantastic house bordering the canal, it was a beautiful thatched cottage, straight out of Hansel & Gretel. Two swans were on the large lawn, having hopped out of the canal. The owners had also placed a great sculpture of a horse on the lawn, which you could see framed through the trees.


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