A nice normal day

Busy day at work, although I took the car for a change rather than the underground as it was pouring with rain. It was the first time had driven to the new job, so my instructions were written out in detail the night before, it’s only about 10 miles and is fairly straightforward as a journey.

Unfortunately had a bit of a hiccup within the first mile, was meant to go straight on at the first very large roundabout, a part of the journey I have done several times. About mid way round, my brain changed gear from going to work mode – to coming home mode!! So went right round and came back towards home!!

Didn’t add much timewise , but honestly, it will be forgetting where I live next.

Got home again in the evening with no hiccups, we had a lovely shepherds pie he had cooked earlier, along with a glass of wine, so I felt very spoilt. We chatted about the day , what we would do at the weekend etc.

I realised later ,our day was totally normal- his pain and cough are currently under control, so it was as though it had all been a nightmare. The day was just like any day, in the life of a normal couple!

Had forgotten what they were like, may there be many more for all the meso warriers and their families.

Cottage Pie



One response to “A nice normal day

  1. So glad it all seems to be under control – hopefully we are nearly there !!!

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