Cough improvement

Absolutely no idea why, but the cough appears to be much improved. Appreciate, a cough doesn’t seem a major issue on it’s own , but it’s one of the most chilling sounds, not too mention one of the more annoying symptom( for both of us)

It also means he manages to get more sleep, which leads to improvement in his mood and enthusiasm for life in general. Taking a leaf out of other people’s books, we are making sure we keep busy and have lots of things planned over November , before the next scan.( when we can see if meso is still on the move).

As part of this we have entered the norimo challenge, which is basically, write a book in November . You have to write and submit a 50,000 word novel between 1st and 30th of November. This equates to about 1700 words a day. Given a usual blog entry is about 200 words, this will be a definite challenge.

We also have a couple of trips to the theatre planned and are still looking into things to do at Halloween and bonfire night.

So here is to a busy November


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