All about me

Reflecting over the last year has made me realise how central a role meso has taken in our lives. We are constantly monitoring Ray’s health , how he sleeps, aches and pains , first surgery ,then chemo and now just general health.

Everything else does start to slide into the background, however, a timely reminder this week that just because one of you has a terminal cancer diagnosis, doesn’t mean nothing else can happen.

Found a lump in my right breast a little while ago and to be honest , pretty much forgot it with all the stresses of the scans for the meso return. Finally got round to seeing my GP this week. very quick visit later to the consultant and no problems, just a cyst – actually not just any cyst, a super duper cyst , that almost had its own bra size.  Anyway one syringe later and both boobs back to the same size.

Madame meso , now firmly in place on her top trump podium position, good news pain under control, bad news the cough is much worse. Although this time seems to be linked to constantly having to clear his throat.

Still overall, good weather and able to enjoy it , so making the most of October , even planning what we are going to do for Halloween.


One response to “All about me

  1. i`m so glad it was just a cyst. What a relief,Good news. keep an eye on Rays cough. Especially now the colder evenings are here.

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