and on we go

The good news from today is looks like he will still need to buy me a Christmas present. Results in from the scan, the good news is our friend meso hasn’t spread anywhere, it hasn’t gone to the lymph nodes , chest wall or diaphragm. It does appear it has returned at the base of the lung but still at a cellular level, so limited progression.

The next stage is too look at the current trials that are about,  as now might be a good time . The  ADAMS trial was mentioned but there are also two new trials due to start,one is through an American company setting up a trial in Harley St. Although it is at a private hospital, the trial itself is free. A further phase 1 trial is being run at Guy’s and the Royal Marsden. This one isn’t specific to meso but has had good results with these types of tumours. Our surgeon has spoken to both of the oncologists running these trials and they are happy to look at us further.

So our next step is another appointment with Jeremy Steele on Friday to go through the scan results in more detail and consider the different trials.

Overall, could have been a lot worse, we go on to fight another another day.


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