Chemo round 6 – day 9 return of breathlessness

Into the second week of the chemo, when infection risk starts to increase as blood count starts to drop. As well as the white blood count dropping so do the red blood cells, which accounts for the breathlessness this week, generally this starts to improve in week three. The dizziness continues , when he lies down the room starts spinning, like the aftereffects of those really bad student hangovers , only without the alcohol. It tends to make him very irritable as his energy levels drop right down , having been so fit previously , psychologically this is always really difficult.

Blood count at last test was as follows

RBC – 11.4 ( this was lowest result to date)

WBC – 2.6

N phils – 1.9

This is also the week of the nose bleeds, had a really bad one mid week last time when it took around 30 mins to stop completely . Have increased  iron content of diet with additional watercress in salads ( broccoli has been off the menu for months ).

Mentally finding it tough now, the phrase ” terminal cancer ” keeps haunting us , as we realise this last six months , however hard , doesn’t mean anything is over , indeed may be nothing has even been achieved. IF it has suppressed the tumour , there’s no knowing for how long. Then again noone has any guarantees in life, cancer doesn’t make you special.

To paraphrase Churchill,  chemo round 6 isn’t the beginning of the end but it is the end of the beginning.



One response to “Chemo round 6 – day 9 return of breathlessness

  1. It will take a long time to get back to eating properly but you have finished the worse. Good luck and lets hope you are one of the lucky ones and the blasted cancer stays dead. Excellent blood results by the way, especially after all the chemo.

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