Day 6 and a day at The Test River

Despite a difficult day , have at least managed to get out and enjoy something of the good weather. Truly gorgeous June day so we drove put to the river Test where we could walk for a while along its banks and through the woods. Unfortunatly as most of the Test seems to be privately owned for its fishing rights you cant walk along its banks for far, but it worked out to be enough for us

We finished off with a drink at a local pub , overlooking the river and he felt well enough for us to stay and have something to eat, which was a major step up. Hopefully will continue to feel OK, stopping the metaclopromide today so will now just be on the levemopromazine , which worked well for him last time, the only extra side effect this time appears to be the dizziness, wondered if it was due to a slightly reduced red blood cell count, it is the lowest it has been since the start of treatment. Apparently still within the normal range but at its lower level, so they think unlikely to be causing any symptoms.

Will find out in the next couple of days if I managed to get those Olympic tickets, the equivalent of two fingers up to meso .


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