Chemotherapy round 6 – day 4 and a thank you to M&S

Day 4 underway and all the usual joys of the first week have returned, constantly moving legs and poor sleep from the steroids, coupled with lethargy and sickness of the chemo. He did wonder if everything was much worse this time, but think it is about the same, just luckily you forget in between treatments. Just as well, or you’d never go back.

This week is always really hard to find things to eat, M&S have leapt to the rescue with their cream of chicken soup. He has just managed a large bowl of this and after a short time watching the tennis , has headed back to bed.

With only one week left at work ( with one last paycheck) am now just tidying up my inbox , making sure everyone can find everything when I leave and generally dossing about . Did get up early to try and get some Olympic tickets – he hates me booking anything in the future , but it’s my gesture of defiance. Up yours meso, we will go to the Olympics together !!


One response to “Chemotherapy round 6 – day 4 and a thank you to M&S

  1. I remember the effects of trying to find what to eat.
    I made the food look as pretty as possible thats why I talked so much about recipes in those days as I had to get that horrible metalic taste from my mouth.
    M&S do have some lovely food though and we bought so nice meals there.
    keep up the good work as Chemo is so worth it if you get shrinkage and you can have fun again –keep the olympics in view as we have to set goal for our selves.
    Good luck xxxxxx.

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