Round 6 – day 2 the onset of dizziness and extreme lethargy

Continuing his campaign to ensure full value from his treatment and not miss  out on any possible side effects, round 6 has delivered us the bonus ball of dizziness.  So although nausea under control, as well as the extreme tiredness , he now feels very dizzy.

He finds this very scary , so has spent most of the day in bed, monitoring his temperature closely as this is a new symptom but at the moment seems to be within normal range. He does think this is the worst he has felt because the lethargy is so extreme, yet whilst he can lie down and doze , he doesn’t seem able to get any proper sleep or relief, so its a form of torture. We were warned the impact is cumulative , so no doubt this is why the exhaustion is so great this time. Plus of course he is now back on the steroids which we know hypes you up and can cause sleep problems – its as though the different drugs wage their own internal battle.

We were lucky with round 5 , when he had a relatively easy three weeks.

Top tip for anyone on chemo , make the most of good days as they appear to strike at random. The good news is however unlikely it appears at times, you DO get some good days

Now although not nauseous , finding the energy to eat is the new challenge. I am currently watching the Andy Murray match whilst waiting for inspiration on what to cook tonight.


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