Why, why , why…..

I hate this disease, it’s treatment, what it has done to our lives and how it is starting to eat away at him a little bit more every day. How come you can have a good day on Friday and then have such a terrible day today- the chemotherapy truck has well and truly hit him , has hardly been out of bed all day.

Aches all over, no energy , he lies there with a colour that travels the full spectrum of grey , looking so frail, so worn down by everything. When you are so conscious of having limited time being this miserable isn’t fair!!  Also makes you feel so useless , because there is nothing that can be done to help.

Underlying everything else is the thought that all these aches aren’t chemo, but the original mesothelioma rampaging away , shrugging off the treatment likesome sort of baddy in a super hero comic !!

Rant over – tomorrow is another day.



2 responses to “Why, why , why…..

  1. its probably the chemo fighting the meso. Its a really hard regime, I spent a lot of the time feeling sick, being sick and sleeping. The pains I had were the meso shrinking, this went on for six months after I finished chemo. Good luck, just remember to plan nice things to do on the good days.

  2. Thanks Lyn,
    that means a lot – will keep thinking about the nice things ahead.

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